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d88尊龙官网手机在线AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BENJAMIN FRANKLIN INTRODUCTION PART ONE 1. Ancestry and Early Youth in Boston 2. Beginning Life as a Printer 3. Arrival in Philadelphia 4. First Visit to Boston 5. Early Friends in Philadelphia 6. First Visit to London 7. Beginning Business in Philadelphia 8. Business Success and First Public Service PART TWO 9. Plan for Attaining Moral Perfection PART THREE 10. Poor Richard's Almanac and Other Activities 11. Interest in Public Affairs 12. Defense of the Province 13. Public Services and Duties (1749~1753) 14. Albany Plan of Union 15. Quarrels with the Proprietary Governors 16. Braddock's Expedition 17. Franklin's Defense of the Frontier 18. Scientific Experiments 19. Agent of Pennsylvania in London PART FOURSELECTED WRITINGS NEWSPAPER WRITINGS: 1722~1734 Silence Dogood, No. 7 (1722) Preface to the Pennsylvania Gazette (1729) A Witch Trial at Mount Holly POOR RICHARD'S ALMANAC: 1733~1758 Preface to Poor Richard ( 1733) Preface to Poor Richard (1739) The Way to Wealth PROJECTS: 1728~1749 Rules for a Club Established for Mutual Improvement(1728) A Proposal for Promoting Useful Knowledge among the British Plantations in America (1743) OBSERVATIONS AND EXPERIMENTS: 1744-1785 An Account of the New Invented Pennsylvanian Fireplaces Of Lightning (The Lightning Road)(1767) ESSAYS: 1747~1768 The Speech of Polly Baker(1747) Exporting of Felons to the Colonies (1751) Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, and the Peopling of Countries (1751) On the Price of Corn, and Management of the Poor (1766) LETTERS: 1771~1775 What Sort of Husbands Would Be Fittest (1771) To Jonathan Shipley (1775) REVOLUTIONARY WRITINGS: 1766-1787 Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One; Presented privately to a late Minister, when he entered upon his Administration(1773) To the Count de Vergennes, a Diplomatic Apology (1782) Speech in the Convention, at the Constitution of Its Deliberrations(1787) WISE, PRACTICAL, AND HUMOROUS WRITINGS OF THE AGED SAGE: 1722-1790 To Joseph Priestley, On Moral Algebra, or Decision-making(1772) The Ephemera (1778) The Whistle (1779) On Cotton Mather (1784) A Letter to Samuel Mather (1784) To Ezra Stiles a Religious Credo (1790) POEMS AND EPITAPH I Sing My Plain Country Joan Franklin's Epitaph Appendix

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